Henry Wag Elevated Dog Bed – Small

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A comfortable bed is a must for any dog and the Henry Wag elevated bed is hard to beat. Its innovative elevated design allows the air to circulate which keeps your dog cool in summer and warm and snug during the winter away from the cold floor, draughts and condensation. The Henry Wag bed also brings great health benefits for your dog. It has a firm wooden base which means that the bed does not sag like the “hammock” style elevated bed. This ensures that your pet has a comfortable sleeping position and provides much needed support for dogs with back and joint problems or those recovering from surgery. In addition, the cover of the Henry Wag Elevated Bed is made from high quality, durable material and is double stitched so it stays securely in place. The cover is easy to clean and can be vacuumed, washed down or even removed and washed in the machine at 30 degrees. The raised design means that it is easy to clean under and around the bed which makes it a perfect choice for dogs or parents who suffer from allergies or skin complaints.

Description Coming Soon

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