Dingo Gear Superhero Harness For Dog Handmade of True Leather, Sturdy Heavy Duty Dog Harness with Cobra Buckle, M

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Dog harness handmade of true leather – full grain, genuine leather
The great equipment in any dog training and for daily use
Comfortable both for dog and the owner


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What is the dog dreaming of? I bet it is comfort and freely movement during every training, walking, running and other dog’s tasks. That’s why the superhero harness is the best choice, because it gives the freedom of movement and full comfort to the dog. This sturdy harness for dog is handmade from genuine leather, Full grained, tanned with plant using method. It means the dog is protected from chafes, hair loosing or allergic reactions. That type of leather is very durable, so will last long even if you’re going to train With dog The extreme K9 tasks. Note that superhero construction is a reference to the classical leather harness. The breastplate at the front is strengthened and lined with leather backside, because this is the most working part. To distribute the forces evenly, The straps system is triangular. The back strap that is going towards the lower abdomen is adjustable, The side belts are adjustable and the main belt that is the chest belt is regulated With adjustment and Cobra buckle. So if you want to buy the right size, measure the dog’s chest. M size is for chest circumference between 60 and 75 cm, for 75 – 90 cm Choose L size, for 90 – 105 cm Choose XL size. All other Straps you can simply adjust, so their dimensions aren’t really matter. Take a look at the Cobra buckle – it’s aplinist hook, that will be locked if you press it on the both sides. After you lock up the Cobra buckle, there’s no possibility for the dog to loose or take Off The superhero harness. 100% Safety with Cobra system is a guarantee that you can work with the strong dog also and he or she will never run off. Wide handle on the spine Of The harness is used to hold the dog any time. The metal hardware for attaching the leash has also triangular shape. Thanks to that the harness are working more precisely and the dog is ‘not slipping on the leash’, i mean it’s also simple to change the walk or run direction, it’s fluently but if there was the metal circle The dog could change it to the wrong walk direction because it would be too fast. That’s why the triangular hardware is so useful but unfortunately, so rare. Let’s go back to the straps – all of them are secured, so they are close to the hair, they don’t stick out. The dog harness shape is designed for very energetic and heavy duty trainings, and also for daily use. The dog will feel comfortable due to Soft lining, and he will look like a million dollars in that leather harness. Dingo Gear product is manufactured in Poland and handmade. Find also our non-slip leash, which is the best complement for our superhero harness.


Adjust all belts before you lock up the Cobra buckle. The chest belt is the last to be adjusted. You adjust the harness only once, if the dog is adult. The only one thing during putting the harness on and taking off is lock and unlock the Cobra buckle.

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Dog harness handmade of true leather – full grain, genuine leather
The great equipment in any dog training and for daily use
Comfortable both for dog and the owner
Once adjusted, can stay forever
Safe – Cobra buckle and straps additionaly secured

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