Dingo Gear Full Bite Suit for the Decoy Dog Training K9 IGP Special Forces Army Guards Orange XL

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French material = great, full bite protection
Dog can bite multiple times and everywhere (except head)
Decoy can walk, run, bend leg and hand, use tools and get up without help


Style Name:FULL BITE  |  Size Name:XL  |  Colour Name:orange

Product Description

At the beginning we were sewing our full protection bite suit for K9 trainers and special forces at order. Because we received many positive recommendations and, what’s more, we got multiple requests for selling this product to individual customers, we decided to make full bite clothes for decoys in 3 sizes: L, XL and XXL and sell it regularly, not only at order.

Full bite protection suit is our handmade product, sewn from French material. That type of material provides full protection against bite, claws and other wounds. The most important thing during bite training and other dog training is the ability to freely move. Decoy must feel comfortable and safe, even when he/she is attacked by a dog. Despite the thickness of the French material which is for body protection, this full bite suit allows helper to bend limbs, use tools and run.

It is so rigid and durable that it protects the decoy body, at the same time allowing him or her to keep the dynamics of movement. We achieved this effect due to the sport design of our clothes. When training K9, bite training, IPO and other fake&dummy situations in which the dog should stop the decoy by attack or immobilization, our bite protection suit works in 100% and no doubt this is also Leos Drbohlav contribution, who shared his experience with us when we were designing our bite suit protection (thanks!).


Clothes for dog training are available in three sizes: L – S01072, XL – S01075, XXL – S01078.


Wear our handmade clothes during bite training and see, that material is strong and reliable. The shape of the jacket gives the dog opportunity to bite and put a full grip on the hands, legs, torso, back (from all decoy’s sides). Our bite protection during working with dogs gives a freedom of movement, so the helper will be able to fasten and unfasten it by his or her own. It also allows to raise hands up, dynamic gear, sudden turn, whip shooting, bending and straightening legs and stand up after battle grounds and takedowns.

This suit is so tough! It has a great resistance to various types of mechanical damage as tearing try, hitting, biting and scratching. It is safe also for dogs, because fasteners are secured. Trousers protect from full chewing the lower parts of the body. Dog training suit is designed for every decoy, it has a small space between the body and the inner part, which allows to prevent injuries when decoy is shifting a hand or other bit of the body at the right time. The upper part of the decoy trousers is adjustable thanks to braces. Modern synthetic materials that make up this suit have a high elasticity, so even the most IPO dogs with the highest prey drives couldn’t chew it to decoy skin.


Parameters for XL size – S01075: designed for decoys tall between 176 and 182 cm, (in trousers) 80 cm is the length measured from crotch to feet, waist circumference adjustment range 92-104 cm, thickness of material – 8 cm, weight – 15.5 kg

WARNING: Please remember that using our training clothes to check dog biting skills during training and other tasks might be dangerous. Even the best professional protective suit does not fully protect against possible injury, but it certainly reduces the risk of wounds when comparing to the situation that dog’s work was tested without any protection at all. The training clothes should never be used by beginner trainers and/or people without relevant experience in dog training. Improper use of our product may cause consequences like wounds and other injuries.

HQ Handmade by Dingo Gear Team in Poland, every handmade product can have slightly difference in dimensions.


Dog training, Bite Training, K-9, IPO training and other use during dog work

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French material = great, full bite protection
Dog can bite multiple times and everywhere (except head)
Decoy can walk, run, bend leg and hand, use tools and get up without help
Tested and approved by Leos Drbohlav and K9 Trainers
Fasteners additionally secured

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