Kong Dog Toys read this Kong Toy size review before you buy

Choosing the correct size Kong Toy for your Dog is hugely important. As I recently found out with my own Dogs. My Dogs are different breeds and sizes. The size Kong toy I almost chose for them, was way off what they actually required.

The breed of Dog’s I own are a Working Line German Shepherd Dog & a Sprocker Spaniel (Springer cross Cocker Spaniel, for those of you who aren’t quite sure or have never heard of a Sprocker.) Now, the German Shepherd Dog is a large Dog & the Sprocker I would say is a medium size Dog. (My Sprocker is the same size his dad was, a full grown Springer spaniel, however, i am aware many Sprockers are much smaller than this.)

What size Kong Toy did I think my Dogs would need?

I honestly thought that the size Kong toys I would need would be : LARGE for my large German Shepherd & MEDIUM for my medium sized Sprocker! But NOPE, that isn’t the case at all.

So what size Kong Toy do my Dogs require?

I found that the Kong size for my German Shepherd needs to be AT LEAST XL size, in order to reduce the chance of accidents. The size I need for my Sprocker needs to be AT LEAST LARGE size, in order to reduce the chance of accidents. It surprised me too!

Kong Toys, is there a big difference in sizes?

I found a huge difference in size with the Kong Classic LARGE size & Kong Classic XL size. Please take a look at my video…

Kong Toys
So, now that you have watched our short video…I hope you have more understanding of why I created it and this Dog Blog. I don’t want anyone to make such an easy mistake like i almost did. And I can report that my Dogs enjoy their Kong Toys each day, without drama! I hope you are able to make a more informed choice when it comes to purchasing a Kong Toy for your Dog/s.