Why you should read this Kong Dog Toy review before you buy

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Check the size of the KONG toy before you purchase

Kong Classic Red Dog Toy With Yellow Cord

Choosing the correct size Kong Toy for your Dog is hugely important. As I recently found out with my own Dogs.

My Dogs are different breeds and sizes. The size Kong Toy I almost chose for them, turned out to be way off what they actually required, I had no idea until now!

The breeds of Dog I own, are a Working line German Shepherd Dog & a Sprocker Spaniel (Working Cocker Spaniel cross with a English Springer Spaniel for those of you who aren’t quite sure or who haven’t heard of a Sprocker).

Now the German Shepherd Dog is a very large Dog & the Sprocker is I would say, a medium sized Dog. (My Sprocker is the same size as his Dad, a full Springer Spaniel, however I am aware that many Sprockers are smaller than this)

Now, before I get into this, I would like to start by saying that I think the Kong Dog Toy is one of the best creations in the Dog Toy industry…EVER! I love them from a Dog Trainer point of view along with from a Dog owner point of view, and my Dog Blog about Kong Dog Toys is in no way intended to discredit them in any way shape or form. My intention is purely to inform that it is a good idea to look into the actual sizing of the product prior to purchasing.

What size Kong Toy did I think my Dogs would need?

Kong Classic Large

I honestly thought that the Kong Dog Toy size I would need would be LARGE for my German Shepherd & MEDIUM for my Sprocker- but NOPE, this isn’t the case at all. I was very surprised by this finding.

What size Kong Toy do my Dogs require?

I found that the Kong Dog Toy size my German Shepherd Dog requires needs to be at LEAST XL size, in order for him to be able to use the product safely. (Anything smaller than this and my Dog could, In my own opinion as far as my own Dog is concerned, swallow it.)

The size Kong Dog Toy I would need for my Sprocker would need to be at LEAST LARGE size, in order for him to be able to also use the product safely. (As above, anything smaller than this and my Dog could, in my own opinion as far as my own Dog is concerned, swallow it.)

Yeah, it has surprised me, that is for sure. So I felt I had to share that information with all of you too.

Kong Dog Toys, is there a big difference in sizes?

I found a HUGE difference in the size of Kong Dog Toys, especially the Kong /Classic LARGE and Kong Classic XL sizes.

Please take a look at my YouTube video on the link below .. it will give you a better idea of the exact size difference that I talk about.

Thank you for reading my Dog Blog & I hope you found it to give a better insight into the size difference of Kong Dog Toys. If you have friends with Dogs, please let them know also.

Here are some more of my favourite Dog Products

Thank you so much for reading my Dog Blogs. I hope you find them really helpful and informative. Here are a few Dog products which I use/have used, as a Dog Trainer and/or Dog Owner that I hope you will also find helpful. These are affiliate links (please refer to my full disclosure throughout my website) therefore if you do use them, I may receive a commission. However, these products are a selection of the products I use with my own Dogs and I have no problem at all in recommending them to likeminded Dog owners. Some of the items you can also see on my YouTube channel like the one above.

Tough Dog ToyKONG Extreme Dog Toy – I love these so much as I can put my Dogs food in it and freeze it, it becomes a fab way to feed and has so many uses, we even play hide ‘n’ seek with them!

Tough Dog MuzzleDingo Gear Dog Training Muzzle – This Dog Muzzle is Tough! It is handmade from leather and has reinforced Muzzle and Herm Sprenger buckle. Make no mistake when I say this is Top Quality. There are different sizes available, however, for my Working Line German Shepherd Dog I have size 2. When the muzzle arrives, it may feel quite stiff, but, bear in mind that leather does get softer with use, just like leather Dog leads, they become more subtle.

Dog Grooming/Bathing The AquaPaw Pet Bathing Tool. OMG! This Dog Grooming product has been a game changer for me. If you have difficulty when it comes to Bathing your Dog/s, or if you have dexterity issues with your hands (like me, I have arthritis), then this product can make it much easier. I have videos going into detail of how easy this product makes bathing my Dogs. I always recommend this product to anyone and everyone I come across who owns Dogs.

Tick Remover O’Tom Tick Twister Yeah, those awful pests that can spread disease. TICKS! I live in an area of beautiful countryside in Scotland, however, so do many many thousands of Ticks (and Deer). It’s inevitable that my Dogs will get them, and they do! So, I use this Tick Twister. It doesn’t seem like much, but they are effective. They only thing I would change about them is the size of the handle/grip, but we manage. They are easy to use, it tends to be more of a case of getting the Dog to sit still while we get the Tick that is the biggest problem, not the actual Tick removal! These come in a 2 pack, though the largest of them seems to be easier to use for me. Again, I do have a video on my YouTube channel showing me use these. I think they are a must for every Dog owner.

Health Supplement Gold Label Brewers Yeast I feed my Dogs a Raw Diet and I endeavour to ensure they are getting all the nutrients etc that they need in their diet. However, regardless of whether it’s Raw or Kibble, there are some vitamins and minerals that are just a tad harder to find than others, and that is why I supplement with Brewers Yeast. It has so many benefits: It’s a natural prebiotic for a healthy gut, recommended as a skin and coat conditioner for show stock, natural source of B group vitamins which are essential for growth and healthy nervous and digestive system.. there are many more benefits, too many to list here. However, I have noticed an improvement in my Dogs condition, especially one which is on long term sterodial medication, so I intend to keep adding it to their food. (The 300g tubs last ages!)

Dog Cage Ellie – Bo Dog Cage I know the use of Dog cages/crates is always likely to be a contentious one in the Dog owning world, however I do believe it’s a personal choice, and there are many reasons as to why someone may choose to use a Dog cage. All that aside, there are 2 main brands of Dog cages I use. First up is Ellie – Bo. I have a huge Dog cage in the house for my working line Gsd to sleep in, and that is an Ellie – Bo Dog cage, It has been a great Dog cage. I’ve had it for a fair few years now and it sure has given me my monies worth. I recently purchased an Ellie – Bo Dog Cage cover for it, and it fits absolutely spot on. I can’t fault it at all. I love the products and love the Brand. The second brand of Dog Cage I use is Savic. For many many years I used Savic Dog cages in my vehicles. They are the most robust, sturdy cage I had come across on the market at the time, in terms of foldable portable Dog cages go, and they fitted my Dogs at that time and my vehicles with ease. I used to tether them to the anchor points in the boot of my vehicles so they were secure, and they didn’t move. they may cost a few quid more, but they are so worth it in my view, especially if they are going in a vehicle. ( Although there are specific companies that manufacture cages etc to fit in vehicles, I am simply talking about foldable cages here, in this Dogblog) These are just a few of my current fav’s that I’d like to share with you, I thank you for reading my DogBlog. To view some of my current recommendations, check out my other DogBlogs here!

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(You can click here to go directly to the KONG company website for THEIR Kong Dog Toy sizes and suitable Dog breed sizes/weights. )

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