Dogs Can Be Natures Medicine For Us

Dogs Can Be Natures Medicine For UsNature has shown us how beautiful she can be and with the varying seasons, gives us a taste of what is yet to come over the next few months or so.. In Spring, the migratory birds will have found their new homes for this next phase of their journeys, and new life begins… Cuckoo’s call echoes across the countryside and mingles in with the beautiful song of the Blackbirds..

For us humans, Spring tends to bring along with it also, the age old saying of “Spring Cleaning” or “out with the Old and in with the New..” and many of our families have handed down to us and instilled in us, that we really should “Spring clean” our houses from Top to Bottom..”  as soon as Spring arrives! Welcoming in the lighter, brighter mornings and evenings and the fresh air drifting through our homes, now that sounds great..

I’m all for Spring Cleaning, however, my Dog’s have other ideas of what clean is …. and I’m sure clean doesn’t have a muddy colour, texture or wet Dog smell!

Dog wearing a Drying Towel with Hood

I love to be out with my Dog’s, especially around this time of the year, Spring.  The weather may still be a tad unpredictable, however, it’s not too hot, not too wet, (unless we go to the Loch or the Sea) it’s just nice, good old Dog walking weather.

And for those of you who are as passionate about their canine pals as we are, early morning strolls and late eveningchuckit sessions are a god send in this technology driven age. As daft and wappy as our Dogs may be, they too can be natures Medicine for us – they give us reason to get up and exercise, they are a great companion for us, especially if we live alone or are on our own for a large part of the day, and they help us more than they will ever know. There are many studies around the internet which show the research that has gone into the subject of The Health Benefits of Owning a Dog.

I personally chose my Psychology research paper on this very topic & the findings were clear, majority of owners who participated in my study said that they had health benefits due to owning a Dog. Both on a physical and mental health level.

I truly believe that the health benefits of Dog ownership are under valued. The old saying of ” Unconditional Love” goes much deeper in my opinion.

Dogs Sleeping Area – Dogs can be natures medicine for us

So, while we unwind after a late meal, and peruse the world wide web, please take a second to have a look over there… right where your Dog sleeps, does the Dogs sleeping area need a Spring Clean too?

Has the old Dog bed had a few too many washes or been chewed into a totally random shape, no longer resembling a Dog bed? Click here to take a look at these fantastic raised Dog Beds ( Dog cots as they are sometimes known) ? They are so easy to keep clean and your Dog will sleep like an angel…

 Go on…spread a bit of love to your beloved walking partner and treat them to some thing special.. they’ll adore you even more for it.. #UnconditionalLove

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