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  • Why you should read this Kong Dog Toy review before you buy
    I honestly thought that the Kong Toy size I would need would be LARGE for my German Shepherd
  • How can I calm my Dogs during Fireworks season?
    How do I calm my Dogs down during Fireworks season? Here’s what worked for OUR Dogs … Help your Dog get through Fireworks season, Bonfire night & New years Eve
  • How to cut black Dog nails
    If you have a Dog with Dark nails, you can sometimes see the Quick by …
  • The best Dog bathing tool
    This beauty is a whole new game changer when it comes to bathing/showering Dogs/pets.  Why?  Let me explain to you what makes the AquaPaw special, in my opinion:
  • Do I Have To Microchip My Dog?
    Do I have to Microchip my Dog? Yes.  Microchipping your dog has become an important part of owning a pet.In April 2016, it became illegal to not microchip your Dog.
  • Dogs can be natures medicine for us
    And for those of you who are as passionate about their canine pals as we are, early morning strolls and late evening “chuckit” sessions are a god send in this technology driven age. As daft and wappy as our Dogs may be, they too are natures Medicine,