Do I need Large or Extra Large Kong for my Dog? Read this honest size review BEFORE you buy

Check the size of the Kong Toy before you purchase!

Choosing the correct size Kong Toy for your Dog is hugely important. As I recently found out with my own Dogs. My Dogs are different breeds and sizes. The size Kong toy I almost chose for them, was way off what they actually required.

The breed of Dog’s I own are a Working Line German Shepherd Dog & a Sprocker Spaniel (Springer cross Cocker Spaniel, for those of you who aren’t quite sure or have never heard of a Sprocker.) Now, the German Shepherd Dog is a large Dog & the Sprocker I would say is a medium size Dog. (My Sprocker is the same size his dad was, a full grown Springer spaniel, however, i am aware many Sprockers are much smaller than this.)

What size Kong Toy did I think my Dogs would need?

I honestly thought that the size Kong toys I would need would be : LARGE for my large German Shepherd & MEDIUM for my medium sized Sprocker! But NOPE, that isn’t the case at all.

So what size Kong Toy do my Dogs require?

I found that the Kong size for my German Shepherd needs to be AT LEAST XL size, in order to reduce the chance of accidents. The size I need for my Sprocker needs to be AT LEAST LARGE size, in order to reduce the chance of accidents. It surprised me too!

Is there a big difference in the sizes of Kong Toys?

I found a huge difference in size with the Kong Classic LARGE size & Kong Classic XL size. Please take a look at my video…
Kong Toys

So, now that you have watched our short video…I hope you have more understanding of why I created it and this Dog Blog. I don’t want anyone to make such an easy mistake like i almost did. And I can report that my Dogs enjoy their Kong Toys each day, without drama! I hope you are able to make a more informed choice when it comes to purchasing a Kong Toy for your Dog/s.