About us

Here at Crazy4pets.co.uk our mission, is to give customers a smooth and straight forward, shopping experience, coupled with great customer service.

By working with customers, there is scope to bring knowledge and experience of a vast range of products, and share that knowledge with the dog loving community.

By sourcing and selling only the best quality products, that we know can stand up to the claims on their labels, crazy4pets.co.uk will continue to grow and grow. Some items we have in stock, some items come direct from the manufacturers and some items are sold through our affiliate scheme with Amazon UK.

www.crazy4pets.co.uk will only sell products that have been tested by strong jaws and lively bouncing feet. (Our own pets and customers pets too!)

If we wouldn’t let our own pets play with it, then you won’t see it on this pet product website.

If it fails to meet our expectations, then it won’t appear on here!

If you have any questions, please contact us via one of the methods on our “contact us” page.

I hope your shopping experience on www.crazy4pets.co.uk is a very pleasant one, and look forward to your return visit.